Photographs of Radford

Late Spring in Radford Arboretum

Radford Aroboretum in Spring
These are a few of the beautiful views of Radford Park and its environs that can been seen in late Spring.

The top photograph is from Radford Quarry looking south to Radford Dip and shows three Incense Cedars (Calocedrus decurrens).

Radford Lodge

Radford Lodge is a Listed 19th century gatehouse which has been restored as a private residence. It still retains its distinctive roof and entrance pillars.
The Carriage Drive to Radford Lake

This path was originally the carriage drive that led from the centre of Plymstock to Radford House. It has recently been repaired and is accessible by people with disabilities.

The First Tree planted

This Wellingtonia (Sequoladendron giganticum) was the first tree planted in Radford Arboretum in 1974.
Looking north

The view north towards the disused Radford Quarry.

The path from the Carriage Drive to the Lake

Another view of Radford Lake from the Carriage Drive as it curves left around the contour towards the site of Radford House. A path continues on to the waterside.
Across the Lake to Radford Castle

The Castle is a 19th century folly, which was used as the residence of an estate employee. It originally had a drawbridge. In the 1970s a sluice was added in the causeway which meant the Lake ceased to be tidal, much to the benefit of the birdlife, both visiting and resident. In the foreground is a small Purple Sycamore (Acer pseudoplantanus).

The photographs were taken in May and are the copyright of Radford Park Arboretum Committee.
If you wish to download these images, please acknowledge the work of the small work party in maintaining the Arboretum. There are only a handful of volunteers.